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Children’s Story Time

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The Children’s Story Time is to provide outreach to young people through the presentation of Bible-based stories in order to win souls for Jesus Christ. To provide realistic and relevant Bible-based stories that will inspire and motivate young people to become followers of Jesus Christ and invite other youth to follow their path by joining a nurturing church community. The Children’s Story Time Ministry was started many years ago as a way to include young people in the morning worship experience. There were storytellers who presented stories of their own choosing that emphasized an important Christian characteristic. The use of visuals and handouts was key to helping young people integrate the learning’s throughout the week. Over time, storytellers have changed but not the purpose of this part of our morning worship movements. Storytellers continue to utilize visuals, handouts, and visuals to further emphasize Christian values and contemporary themes that appeal to young people.
Team Leaders: Frank Ishman, Jacki Johnson, Joyce Morris, Antoinette Benford, and Rita Times. Includes guest storytellers as necessary.