Oct 4, 2023Wednesday in the Word

WEDNESDAY IN THE WORD    October 4, 2023




“May the patience and encouragement that comes from God

allow you to live in harmony with each other in the way

Christ Jesus wants.” Romans 15:5 NCV


In a world that continues to be more divided by so many things, age, gender, race, politics, economics, and everything we can imagine. We forget one critical element of our lives. We are members of God’s Family, and as such, members nonetheless of His church. That means we are a part of the living interconnected community. And as kingdom people, we must beware of the things that cause contention among us.


So, let me ask you a couple of questions: “are you a continuing source of encouragement to your family and friends?”; “are you focusing on God’s priorities, those that will build good relationships with others, while seeking unity in the

faith?” If the Holy Spirit is leading you, there will be a joy in your heart as you do so. Our key verse paraphrased tells us that, “God will supply the patience and encouragement necessary for us to live in harmony the way Christ Jesus taught his disciples and us to do.” But we have to make allowances for it to happen.


In verse 1-2 of this fifteenth chapter, this attitude will please God and promote harmonious environments wherever you are. You see the environment that we each grew up in has shaped who we are. But if we find that there’s evidence of learned destructive criticism, we can change it to be constructive. How? As followers of

Jesus, we have the opportunity to become Beacons of Encouragement to our world

by looking for the GOOD in others and celebrating the GOOD that

you find. Notice I did not say PERFECTION because there isn’t any down

here. We are commanded to do so!


Ephesians 4 encourages us to live as children of light and unity in the body of Christ. Even a brief word of appreciation can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life. The gift of encouragement is one of the spiritual gifts given by the Holy Spirit at the time of salvation. I believe it is one of the permanent gifts that we all have within us. Ask God to help you celebrate the accomplishments of others in

order to make you a genuine source of encouragement for any and every one that

enters each area of your life. Every name in the Bible has a deeper meaning. The

name Barnabus means “encourager”.


So, go and become a Barnabus. According to Mother Teresa, a kind word can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. Therefore, “Let your words and deeds be acceptable in the sight of God, the one who gives you strength and salvation today and all eternity.” Amen.


Pastor Andie



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