“Celebrating Our Spiritual Milestones”

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WEDNESDAY IN THE WORD  January 25, 2023

                         “Celebrating Our Spiritual Milestones”

“Mark the milestones of your mercy and love God. Rebuild the ancient landmarks! From now on every road, you travel will take you to God. Follow the Covenant signs; Read the charted directions.” Psalm 25: 6; 10 (MSG.)

Life is full of milestones that mark different stages of life. “Milestone” stems from a word that refers to a stone that functions as a milepost, something that marks progress on a journey.

This week as our church Trinity Baptist is preparing to celebrate its 48th anniversary, we can recall many of the milestone moments along the way. As precarious as those moments were at the time, we are continuing to do as our scripture of the day suggests. Psalm 25:6 tells us to “Mark the milestones of God’s Mercy and Love; as He Rebuilds the old landmarks. Whether the rebuilding is in our hearts and minds or literally, if He chooses to do so. In either case we haven’t any choice but to look to the hills, from where All of our help comes.

God has blessed Trinity for 48 years to be, and not just for the mere fact of existing only. He has allowed us to experience multiple “Spiritual Milestones” which are designed to remind us of the “WHY’S” behind life, which are the God-ordained purposes involved in life. Spiritual Milestones lifts our eyes from the challenges of the moment and help us to get a glimpse of the journey as a whole. We become inspired to take the next step of faith and experience God at work in our lives.

As the Body of Christ, the church, we have had many setbacks, individually and collectively, but God always keep a remnant to carry on His work. I feel in my heart and soul that He has a greater work for us to do, now and in the future. Therefore, we must continue to hold to His unchanging hand. As we continue on this Spiritual Journey that’s set before us, and heed the command given in verse 10 of this Psalm, which says, “From now on every road you travel will take you to God. Follow the Covenant signs; Read the charted directions.” In this psalm, David was expressing his need for guidance from God; like David, if we need guidance the Lord God has offered to teach us His way. This is the point where God’s people remember and celebrate the Spiritual Milestones that make us aware of His presence in our life. So, as we stand at the threshold of this milestone anniversary celebration, as the Body of Christ, let us continue to seek God’s Presence and Purpose for Trinity Baptist, to His Glory, Honor and Praise. Amen.

“Happy 48th Anniversary Trinity”

Rev. Andie

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