Spreading the Good News

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Spreading the Good News

Matthew 28:16-20 NRSV

“And remember I am always with you until the end of the age.”


The power of the Divine and its purpose brings creativity and a relationship that God desires with humans. It challenges us to see, to learn, to grow beyond our own understanding and preconceived notions. It gives us an opportunity to look beyond enlightenment, which is a very good thing. Seeing something new can bind us, just like seeing something we have not seen before can.


How do we see what we do not yet know?


As we grow, we come to understand that holding a belief about this or that no matter how comfortable, does not make it holy. The sacredness of a belief lies in its enduring power to lead with trust. This reality can prove daunting if we are not ready for the responsibility that comes with it. Seeing something new can bind us, just like seeing something we have not seen before can. I think there is always potential that we all must emerge, and that means trusting God’s plan.


Through his plan, God offers his gift of courage and opportunity for us to be drawn to Jesus who has all authority given to him, empowering us to make disciples of all nations, to teach, trust and obey all that Jesus commanded during his earthly life, and the awesome blessing is that he will be with us always.


Matthew 28.16-20 provides the narrative of the last recorded encounter of Jesus with the disciples and the final words of Jesus, a commandment directed to his disciples and to us, and likely not knowing what we would encounter. As ambassadors of Christ, we become devoted followers of Jesus and together we live out his teachings within a broader society.

Jesus is available to all.


The message of this closing scene in Matthew is that any and everybody is called to make disciples any and everywhere. With no excuses, no postponements of justice, and no obstacles that God can’t do something about. This means that this commission is for all who are part of the people of God. The Church is at its core to live out the teachings of Jesus as a witness for the world.


We have a high calling, especially now as more recent events show how deeply mired our nation continues in systemic, cyclical racism and violence. And now it’s our turn to spread the Good News because that alone can overcome the bad news. These times call for disciples of Jesus who are willing to speak out, acknowledging their own complicity and despite their fears of opposition to lead with Truth. Amen!

Spread the Good News of Christ. 

Rev. Carole



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