Sep 20, 2023Wednesday in the Word

WEDNESDAY IN THE WORD    September 20, 2023


“We now have this shining light in our hearts, but we ourselves are

like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear

that our great power is from God, not from ourselves. We are pressed

on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed,

but not driven to despair. We are hunted down, but never abandoned

by God. We are knocked down, but not destroyed.

2 Cor. 4: 7-9 NLT

Our culture is rapdly flowing in the directon of stress. Sixty million Americans now claim that they are “stressed out” says Richard Swenson, M.D. I am sure we can all relate to this statement. As the day goes, our stress grows, life is very demanding. And we do ourselves a great disservice when we do not take time to take life one day, or one moment at a time by trusting the guidance of Gof through the Holy Spirit. Before we can do that we must first Identify the signals of stress. There’s Relational, Occupational, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and we can’t forget Financial. When we think of progressing through these situations by ourselves, herein lies the problem. We must learn that there is a margin of time for each of these to be set. We have to first be silent in order to hear God so we known which direction we need to take. This takes discipline. According to Henri Nouwen, “Discipline means to prevent everything in your life from being filled up.”

Our verses of scripture remind us of the struggles we face, but it also gives us the assurance that our God has not and will not abandon us. So, when we fall under the weight of our load, we can cast our cares upon the “Heavy Load Bearer.” Therefore, here are some simple steps for coping with life’s demands:

^ 1 Timothy 6:6-8 – Prayerfully thank God in all situations.

^ 1 Corinthians 10:12 – Don’t compare yourself to anyone or anything else.

^ Ecclesiastes 5:10-11 – Money or anything else cannot buy happiness or peace of mind.

^ Proverbs 15:16-17 – Cultivate healthy and good relationships.

^ 2 Corinthians 4:18 – Meditate on all that is positive and avoid all that is negative.

^ Luke 12:15 – Re-evaluate your priorities.

^ Matthew 5:6 – Make a lasting commitment to seek the face of God at all costs.

God has provided everything that we need to get us through each twenty-four hours of each new day. We have to start our days with Him at the helm. And end each day by acknowledgeable with thanksgiving that he’s the one who brought us through. Then and only then can we lie down in peace and safety and awaken physically and spiritually refreshed. Why? Because we know that even when we can’t see the hand of God, we know his heart. This also means that when you don’t see a trace of God, you will continue to trust God to carry you through. Life’s demands are great, but our God Almighty is greater still. Amen.

Rev. Andie



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