We Would See Jesus …come and see

Mar 16, 2024Wednesday in the Word


“We Would See Jesus” …come and see.

John 12: 20-33 NRSV

“Whoever serves me must follow me,

and where I am, there will my servant be also.

Whoever serves me, the Father will honor.” John 12:26

Jesus has come to Jerusalem for Passover again, but for the last time (John12:12). As was the case on his first trip, he comes from an intimate gathering among friends to an urban setting in the midst of crowds. He has just visited at the home of his friend Lazarus and his sisters on the way to Jerusalem. The growing crowds and acclaim follow him from his last sign, the raising of Lazarus from the dead (John 12:17).

In John 12:20-33, Jesus talks about what it means to gain your life by losing it. He tells his disciples, who are still so unaware of what is about to happen, about strength they cannot imagine. He shares with them a promise of a future, but he also asks of them a commitment that will require them to be ready to follow him to fearful places.

This is a fearful time, especially for those of us who are being targeted by some of the currents of our cultural wars. I’m not being melodramatic when I say that many of us are reminded of former times with imaginative thoughts filled with great injury or harm. We don’t need another reminder of what we may find on social media platforms to fuel anxiety or fear. What we need is a reminder of Christ, who loves us and calls us to him, who gives us strength even when we are called to do hard things.

There is a source where we can find guidance and strength that brings hope, peace, and love at a Bible-centered church, offering interactive Bible study groups. The Church is best when as the body of Christ do best and it is what only we can do through the Spirit of God guiding us in truth. And you cannot get that if you don’t open the Bible, read God’s Word, and interact with a people who are committed to Christ’s mission for the kingdom of God, serving as a body of committed believers being transformed and excelling in God’s plan.

Yes, as we must speak up about the issues of injustice that we encounter, we can never do so at the expense of misinterpretation of the Word of God. And John alerts us to the seductive powers of the world. There can be no compromise. Jesus is King. The emperor is not. Our deepest relationship with God is serving as we would see Jesus.

As we walk the final days of Lent through Holy Week, this truth both sustains and challenges us as we contemplate Jesus’ death and exaltation. And we do not do this at the expense of spiritual need, but we do it in helping, supporting, and encouraging all those who seek Truth. This is how it should be because we are the very people who come through the doors of the church in our communities where we would see Jesus. “We would see Jesus” is a reminder that we are grateful to worship together in God’s presence. We are given an opportunity to serve, to help make Christ known to anyone who comes to hear the Gospel preached. The door is open. Come and See! Amen.

Rev. Carole

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